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Don't let cost keep your child from a wonderful school experience.

In addition to offering financial assistance for qualifying families, we are working to fill several paid and volunteer positions, which come with tuition discounts.

Camp Fire

Tuition Rates

The Hearth Room school year runs from the Tuesday after Labor Day - the Friday before Memorial day, with school days from 9:00am-3:30pm.

3-Day students may attend Mondays-Wednesdays or Wednesdays-Fridays.

For all programs, there is a discount for payments in full as follows: 6% by April 6, 4% by May 1, 2% by July 1.

Regular 5-Day Enrollment


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5 Half Days


3 School Days


3 Half Days

(for students under 5 years)



What benefits make the cost worthwhile?

  • Confidence that my child is being guided by adults whose values align with mine

  • Seeing my children excited about what they're learning and having great adventures at school

  • Fewer chances for my child to be exposed to pornographic material at an early age

  • A long-term community of peers who are taught how to address conflict with grace and courtesy

  • My child is going to be more equipped than I am to bring about societal or political changes.

  • My child is learning so many practical life skills that I wish I'd had before entering adulthood, such as budgeting, meal planning, first aid, and professional interviews.

  • Career jump start.  Even in the early elementary years, my child is becoming an expert in her areas of interest!  Her teachers are giving her time and coaching to try to bring her entrepreneurial ideas to life right now.

  • I can keep my full-time job and still be involved in my child's day by working from the on-site workspace.

Financial Assistance

We use TADS, a third-party service, to assess qualification for financial assistance.  At the moment, we have a very limited amount of financial assistance, so we encourage you to apply quickly.  Financial assistance is only available to students enrolling in our standard 5 school day programs.

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