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The Vision

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All Videos

We encourage you to unmute the video above (used with permission from a school in Virginia) to get a glimpse of what we envision.

While we are not a Catholic school, many of the values mentioned align with our own.

Education for the Soul, not just the mind

Cozy, Home-Like Environment

Individualized Lessons

Practical Life Skills

Critical Thinking Skills

Lots of Time in Nature

We are ready to toss the conventional way of doing things out the window, to give our children a beautiful, peace-filled, and exciting education, designed to grow them into awesome adults.

Imagine your child being excited to go to school, feeling confident about their abilities and unintimidated by the concepts that used to be challenging for them.  Here, with our hands-on lessons, academics take much less time to master, so your young one has time to explore her favorite topic to the Nth degree, and become an expert in her areas of interest. 
Does your son love cooking?  He may begin by juicing an orange, chopping vegetables, and serving tea in the early years, and progress to preparing more complicated dishes, harvesting his own ingredients from the school garden, and meal planning during the elementary stage.  In the adolescent years, student may raise animals and learn skills of hunting, preparing, and preserving meat. Professional interviews and internships are a part of the program, and children who are entrepreneurially inclined are encouraged to chase their dreams during school hours—not eleven years from now, when they’ve graduated from college.
In our culture, there are so many avenues to be influenced by foolishness that leads to self-destruction, and so few opportunities to hear true wisdom.  In The Hearth Room, we believe that God gave us the Bible with our best interests in mind, much like an auto maker provides a manual to prevent unnecessary damage and keep things running smoothly.  We strive to make it easy for children to hear the loving guidance provided in the Bible, through Bible quizzing, discovery Bible studies, and more. 
Additionally, we want to maximize the time that parents have available to transmit their values to their children by keeping homework to a minimum (so families have evenings to just be together) and welcoming parents to be on-site at their child’s school throughout the day.  We envision The Hearth Room embodying all the best parts of homeschooling while relieving parents of the responsibility for managing all the details of their child’s education.  Imagine giving your child a hug when you drop her off, and then spending your day working from a cafe just down the hall.  When you refill your drink, you peek in the window and get to watch her happily engrossed in a math lesson or learning to crochet with a friend.  You get to know the parents of her classmates as they work at a table near you, and you are delighted when you receive an invitation to come into the class for freshly baked gingerbread cookies as you watch an impromptu performance the children have organized.

We are excited to inspire a love of history as we share the exciting stories of many civilizations, illuminate the foundations of our own country, and help these young people know how to take active leadership roles.  Developing confidence speaking publicly starts at an early age, and early elementary students can lead meetings following Robert’s Rules.  Programs such as Patriot’s Academy and TeenPact bring students into state capitols to observe legislative sessions, report on committee meetings, and learn professional decorum, and we can’t wait to get our kids in there!

​We could go on and on and tell you about our vision for science, journalism, health, and more, but by now you’ve certainly caught the vision, so let’s stop talking and start doing!

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