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The Story

Our Founder's Journey

When I was young, I attended a Montessori* school, where we spent much time exploring in the meadow, having opportunity to journal our dreams each day, following our interests, and serving one another at meal time.  I was incredibly at peace in that environment.  But my parents also wanted me to have a strong faith foundation, so in the second grade, they transferred me to a traditional Christian school.  I quickly realized that not only was I several grade levels ahead, I was insulted by the typical approach to education, where "they expect us to sit still all day, and the teacher is the only one allowed to talk."  My mother reports that I proclaimed then that one day I would open a Christian Montessori school--the best of both worlds in my 9-year-old mind.


In 2010, with the help of my family, I did just that.  We started in a house, and within a year we had outgrown it and moved into a larger space with two classrooms.  I have so many fond memories of this time.  The facility was absolutely beautiful and felt like a home, and the kids were so happy to be there.  In fact at one point, the elementary children petitioned for a longer school day!


After having my first child, I was overwhelmed trying to navigate new parenthood while managing a business, so I stepped down and turned the school over to the board.  It stayed in business for a few more years, but unfortunately the new leadership did not have the proper training or values, and it drifted quite a way from the original vision.  As a result, I was relieved when the school finally closed.


In the intervening years, we had four more children and plenty of opportunity to refine our vision for education.  I am thrilled that my husband and I are both feeling compelled to start another school.  I CANNOT WAIT for my children to have this experience!




-Angie Hoffman, Founder


*By the way, some people have had a negative experience with Montessori schools, and this is generally because the name is not copyrighted.  Montessori has a lot in common with Jesus in that she had revolutionary wisdom on how to approach things, but a lot of people using her name aren't really practicing her methods at all.  If you have encountered one of these "Monte-sorta" schools, please get in touch so we can point you to a site where you can observe an authentic Montessori experience.  I'm pretty sure you'll fall in love.

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