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Preparing Jams

and Volunteer Opportunities

We're growing!

The dream is to have many schools on properties with gardens and on-site office space for parents.  We're just getting started, but we're already looking for more great passionate Montessori professionals and other partners in this endeavor!

Why you'll love working in The Hearth Room

  • Community of like-minded faith-focused colleagues

  • Be outdoors at work

  • Family-supportive environment (our staff spouses and grandparents often pop in to join us for lunch or help us with a project)

  • Low demands on time outside of regular work hours

  • Combat the current downward trajectory of our culture

  • Give students opportunities to go in-depth on areas or interest rather than having to teach to a test

  • Enjoy sharing your favorite activities like art, gardening, cooking, music, field trips, entrepreneurship, etc. with students

  • Opportunities for career growth

  • Be a founder in a groundbreaking new concept in education


If offered a position, all candidates must pass a background check and TB test, have a letter of recommendation from a pastor at a Christian church, which accepts as truth the Nicene and Chalcedon Creeds.  Staff must be living a life that reflects a love of Jesus, and which is in alignment with what the Bible teaches (must sign a code of conduct and agreement with our Statement of Faith).

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