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The school of your dreams
is in Kansas City's Northland.

Openings available for students ages 2.5 - 4 years

The Hearth Room is a Christian, authentic Montessori school just west of Liberty.

We are parents, who are ready to toss the conventional ways of doing things out the window in order to give our children a beautiful, peace-filled, and exciting education, and to grow them into adults who are well prepared for a joyful life of excellent service to the Lord.  This is accomplished through a proven academic approach of hands-on, child-paced lessons in traditional academic subjects, as well as practical life skills, a firm understanding of the Bible and politics, and plenty of time outdoors.


Imagine your child retaining their love of learning and zest for life,

even in their teen years.

Imagine them feeling confident about their abilities and unintimidated by the concepts that were previously challenging.  In The Hearth Room, with our exciting, hands-on lessons, academics take much less time to master.  This allows your young one time to fully explore their favorite topic, becoming an expert at what excites them, creating academically advanced students, who can identify truth, and who love learning.

Student Teacher Ratio


Acres of outdoor space to explore


Reading Before Kindergarten



Our Priorities


The school is located just west of Liberty, at 152 and Brighton Road.


I love what's in The Hearth Room!

Families are already enrolling for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you are ready to learn more about making The Hearth Room part of your child's educational journey, use the buttons below to get started.  Mid-semester starts are welcome.


Influences that align with my values

Opportunities for my children to discover and explore their unique interests

Academics presented in exciting and easily understandable ways

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