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The Hearth Room is a Christian, authentic Montessori school just west of Liberty.

We are parents, who are ready to toss the conventional ways of doing things out the window in order to give our children a beautiful, peace-filled, and exciting education, and to grow them into adults who are well prepared for a joyful life of excellent service to the Lord.  This is accomplished through a proven academic approach of hands-on, child-paced lessons in traditional academic subjects, as well as practical life skills, a firm understanding of the Bible and politics, and plenty of time outdoors.


Imagine your child retaining their love of learning and zest for life,

even in their teen years.

Imagine them feeling confident about their abilities and unintimidated by the concepts that were previously challenging.  In The Hearth Room, with our exciting, hands-on lessons, academics take much less time to master.  This allows your young one time to fully explore their favorite topic, becoming an expert at what excites them, creating academically advanced students, who can identify truth, and who love learning.

Student Teacher Ratio


Acres of outdoor space to explore


Reading Before Kindergarten



Our Priorities

  • Head of School
    Have you dreamt of running/launching your own school? The Hearth Room is seeking a Head of School to lead the charge as we prepare for major growth in the next 18 months. Since the school has only been open for 8 months, it may feel quite like owning your own business…without the startup costs! The Hearth Room strives to provide a Christian, authentic Montessori environment for ages 2.5 years – 6th grade (with plans for an adolescent program in 2025 already under way), augmented by in-class cooking spaces, nature walks, a vision for students to explore entrepreneurship and political involvement, Bible quizzing, and an on-site parent workspace. If this sounds like your dream, submit your application and salary requirements via The ideal candidate is: · Joyful and excited about a life in relationship with Jesus · Organized, systematic, and maintains excellent records · A former educator, school administrator, or manager · Extremely consistent with boundaries · Experienced successfully managing students with unique needs · A great communicator, comfortable talking to parents, and uses correct grammar in written communication · Willing to undertake Montessori training in the next two years (may involve several weeks at an out-of-state training center) · Able to be single-mindedly focused on the school Primary Responsibilities · Continue to develop the routines and cast the vision to get everyone on the same page of bringing to life the school’s core values, culture, and mission · Recruit quality staff members and new family enrollments · Provide significant guidance to new staff, ensuring they are implementing hands-on, child-paced learning, and that students are making appropriate academic progress · Create systems for consistent quality throughout the school as it grows · Plan and host events (or direct an events team) and give tours to prospective parents · Ensure a safe environment and handle all aspects of daily school function with excellence · Respond to any conflicts that arise with a mix of clarity, grace, and consistency · Connect with supporters and further donor development · Report to the Board and work with them to drive the mission of the school COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS · Volunteer initially, $40,000 - $70,000 once enrollment and fundraising goals are achieved (based on qualifications and certifications) · PTO · Healthcare Benefits · Tuition discounts for staff dependents · Limited work demands during the summer (school year is from Labor Day - Memorial Day)
  • Montessori-Trained Guides
    Would you love to incorporate your faith and values as you guide children in a joy-filled, hands-on educational experience? We are on the hunt for Montessori Primary and Elementary Guides as we prepare for major growth in the next 18 months. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE IS: Joyful and excited about a life in relationship with Jesus Organized and maintains excellent student records Patient with students who have unique dynamics Extremely consistent with boundaries Able to follow policies, but takes initiative to accomplish goals Great communicator: comfortable talking to parents, and uses correct grammar in written communication TRAINING A Montessori certificate is preferred, but candidates without training are encouraged to apply if they are willing to take one of many training options to develop their Montessori teaching skills. The following recommended programs begin this summer: COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Up to $55,000 for trained Montessori professionals PTO Healthcare benefits Tuition discounts for staff dependents Limited work demands during the summer (school year is from Labor Day - Memorial Day)
  • Cleaning Person
    The Hearth Room is seeking a cleaning person to help us maintain a beautiful and healthy environment. Responsibilities of Cleaning Person: This individual will receive an outlined schedule of a weekly routine that includes sanitizing furniture, and individual lessons, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming and mopping floors, and more. All cleaning supplies are provided by the school. ​ ​ The ideal candidate is: Detail-oriented Able to follow instructions A calm and respectful presence; other staff members will likely still be on site, finishing their day's work ​ REQUIREMENTS Ability to lift 75 pounds, and easily reach items on the floor and return to upright Able to work with cleaning chemicals without adverse affects SCHEDULE 3:30pm - 5:30pm on school days COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS Volunteer staff members receive $489.25 tuition discount for each regularly scheduled hour of weekly work. (This 10-hour/week position would receive a discount of up to $4,892.50 for the year.)
  • Design Your Dream Montessori Job
    Are you interested in bringing your vision to life by running a school? Maybe you'd like to be a part-time Guide. Do you love coaching new Montessori professionals? Tell us about your passions and dream role--we may have a position for you!


The school is located just west of Liberty, at 152 and Brighton Road.

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